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Q. Can I pay on the gate? 

A. We usually have a limited number of tickets available to purchase on the gate. These are strictly limited in quantity, so please get in touch with us before travelling.


Q. I haven't got a printer to print my E-Ticket, what can I do? 

A. Don't worry, you can show your E-ticket or confirmation email on a smart phone. As long as is can be clearly read (no smashed screens etc.). 


Q. Are there any group discounts available? 

A. We do not offer group discounts. Pretty much everyone attends in a group, and we think its fair for everyone to pay the lowest price possible, regardless of group size. 


Q. Can I reserve a ticket and pay for it when I arrive? 

A. No, sorry, we do not do ticket reservations. The only way to guarantee your ticket is to book online. 


Q. What is a Fast-Track ticket? 

A. By purchasing a Fast-Track ticket you will gain access to the shorter Fast-Track queue line to enter ROUTE 666 Vol.2, and Fast-Track access at each of the checkpoints along the route. The duration of a Fast-Track queue will be dependant on the overall attendance on the night, and although the Fast-Track queue will always be quicker than the main queue, we are unable to specify waiting times for a given night.




Q. When is the best time to arrive? 

A. You must arrive between the time slot chosen when you booked your tickets. You may arrive any time between your selected time slot. We recommend arriving at the beginning of your time slot. The last admittance to the event will be at 09:20pm 


Q. What happens if we get delayed on route and can't make our selected time slot? 

A. All ticketing will be printed with your selected time slot on. Therefore we can only allow entry if you arrive between the times stated on your ticket. It is your responsibility to arrive between these times. Please be sure to leave in plenty of time in case of delays. 


Q. Do we have to leave the event at the end of our time slot? 

A. No. The entry slot is only the time you must enter ROUTE 666 Vol.2. After you have completed the mazes you are welcome to stay and enjoy our Horror Bar and food area until they close at around 10:30pm.




Q. If my child is too scared to enter the mazes when we arrive can we get a refund? 

A. No. All ticket sales are final and we operate a strict no refunds policy. Only you can know your child’s threshold to being scared if you have any doubts don't book. You have been warned! 


Q. Will there be a lot of queueing?

A. Yes. Even if you have pre booked your ticket you will still need to queue to pick up your event ticket at the box office when you arrive. Then queue to enter ROUTE 666 Vol.2 and at each checkpoint along the route. As with a theme park, queue times vary depending on how busy we are. 


Q. Will the actors touch me inside a maze?

A. The actors will get extremely close to you, so yes, contact can occur. 


Q. Do children need to be accompanied at the event? 

A. Any persons under the age of the 15 years old must have an adult in their group. The adult is not required to enter the mazes. They can purchase a 'No-Scare' ticket that will enable them entry into the bar/food areas where they can wait for their group. 


Q. What is the maximum group size allowed to enter the attraction at one time?

A. The maximum group size is 8 people. If your group consists of more than 8 people, you will be split into smaller groups when entering a maze. 


Q. Is it undercover? 

A. Yes, the vast majority of the event is undercover. A few exceptions are the queue to get your tickets before entering the event, smoking and toilet areas, the event exit and other small areas. 


Q. How long will my visit last?

A. Your visit on a whole will depend on how busy we are on the night and the resulting queue times, but we would roughly estimate around 30 - 45 minutes to complete the ROUTE 666 Vol.2 mazes. 


Q. Are there any age restrictions on the event?

A. There are no age restrictions however all sections of the mazes are intense, contain gore and have been designed to scare you. Therefore, are aimed at a teenage and adult audience. It is not recommended for under 12's. Under 15's must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. 


Q. Is the event suitable for expectant mothers?

A. No. We strongly recommend against expectant mothers attending the event. 


Q. What clothing would you recommend?

A. Keep in mind the event is walk through so suitable waterproof footwear is advised. The queue to enter the event is outdoors so please bear this in mind. October weather can be quite chilly so wrap up warm! And as much as you love them, don't wear your high heels!


Q. Are there food and drink available? 

A. Yes, there are food and drink outlets on site. 


Q. Is there on site parking available and if so how much does it cost?

A. Yes we have a large parking area available and all parking is completely free of charge!  PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles and their contents are left entirely at owner or drivers risk. Management do not accept responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents. 


Q. Is the event wheel chair accessible?

A. Unfortunately, due to the inherent nature of the outdoor scare event, the event contains tight hallways and uneven terrain making them unsuitable for wheelchairs. 


Q. Can we dress up in a Halloween costume to go to the event?

A. You can dress up if you like. We will not allow any full face covering costume/masks to be worn at the event. 


Q. Are we allowed to smoke onsite?

A. By law, you will not be able to smoke inside the event, and we have a strict NO SMOKING policy in the queueing areas. Smoking is only permitted in our designated open air smoking area. 


Q. Can we purchase or bring our own alcohol?

A. No. Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Anybody caught with alcohol on site will have the goods confiscated and may be ejected from the park. Alcoholic drinks will be available to purchase from our bar after you have completed all of the attraction. 


Q. Is there strobe lighting?

A. Yes we use strobe lighting, smoke machines, loud sounds, and many other techniques to disorientate you. If you suffer from epileptic seizures it is not recommended you attend. 


Q. Are there restrooms on site?

A. Yes, there are toilet facilities at the pitstop halfway through the route and also at the exit.

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