THEMES - Dr Frights Halloween Nights

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Below is a list of the themed sections that you will encounter along your journey through Route 666!
Escape possessed DEMONS in a decrepit cabin in the woods, come face to face with a convent of DERANGED NUNS and evade a MASKED KILLER searching for his next victim . . . in DEADWOOD FOREST.
In DOWNTOWN HELL-A . . . prepare to be plunged into the depths of a CHAOTIC and LAWLESS Los Angeles! Flee through the alleyways as blood thirsty MURDEROUS gangs have seized the city . . . and are hell-bent on HUNTING YOU DOWN!
The notorious family of CANNIBALISTIC rednecks are back . . . and they have invited you to thier home of BBQ & CHAINSAWS for a rip rollicking family feast! Mummas calling . . . dinner is served . . . welcome to . . . THE GRINDHOUSE.
Step inside THE BUNKER and prepare for a FRANTIC battle against the UNDEAD. Fight off a never ending horde of World War zombies in this EXPLOSIVE, nerve-shredding experience in the trenches!
Enter the hallowed halls of DEVILSGATE CINEMA and step into the domain of the movie theatre's most HORRIFIC CREATIONS! From blockbuster BOOGEYMEN to cult cinema NIGHTMARES, survive the most terrifying scenes from the screen! This Halloween, don't just watch a horror movie . . . STEP INSIDE ONE!
Don't lose your head in BLOODY MARY'S MAZE OF MIRRORS! An intense LABYRINTH of horrors where you will be questioning whether what you're seeing is real, or a HORRIFYING figment of your IMAGINATION! Can you escape the demonic maze and the vengeful URBAN LEGEND that resides within?
The notorious KILLER CLOWNS are back! And this time they have set up KLOWNFEST to hold their latest KILLING COMPETITION! Evade the blood thirsty competitors as they HUNT YOU DOWN through a twisted music festival full of PUMPING tunes! Whatever genre you're into, these MURDEROUS clowns have you covered . . . IN BLOOD!
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