SCARE MAZES - Dr Frights Halloween Nights

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Grab your passports because WE'RE GOING TO IBIZA! Of course, not all is as it seems . . . As you become prey in the latest killing competition amongst our resident Killer Clowns!
Yokai Temple has been rigged up with motion sensors, night vision cameras and EMF readers. They are all set and ready in the hopes of finally capturing evidence of the temple's demonic residents . . . And it's your job to draw them out!
Our fan favourite maze is back, with all new terrifying scenes! Take a tour of Devilsgate Studios and experience a bone chilling trip through some of Hollywood's most feared blockbusters!
Viva la Mexico! Our infamous family of cannibal hillbillies have escaped south of the border, but have no intention of stopping their murderous rampage! Can you escape Cousin Cletus's chainsaw? Or will you become the meat in Mumma Beefs tacos?
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